"Wow! That was the fastest delivery on record!! I hadn't even responded to your email below and already we received the 155 in stock"
Thank you again. I really appreciate your assistance with this order and your fast and efficient service. You guys are the best!
"I can't say enough about how I appreciate your and your company's superb customer service. It isn't often that you come across an organization that shows such care for their customers, so for that, thank you."
"Hi Ted, the gloves and keys arrived yesterday, thanks to you, Jon, Theresa, Bernie and the rest of your team who made sure our members received their equipment this week. Your help is very much appreciated."
"I just wanted to say thank you for placing my order and the quick service, it is greatly appreciated."

Regional Contacts:

Atlantic: Bernie O’Brien

Atlantic: Yannick Lamarre

Québec: Tony Iuliani

Québec: Yannick Lamarre

Ontario: Ted Tritchew

Manitoba/Territories: Jon Nicholls

Alberta/British Columbia/Saskatchewan: Gary Stoney

Federal Gov’t & Military: Bernie O’Brien